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You are not Alone!

Our purpose is to be the voice of those suffering in silence with Alopecia and/or Hair Loss and help everyone around them so they can understand they are not alone. We offer workshops in accessory techniques, makeup application classes and image consulting sessions for individuals and groups.

Our mission is to Empower, Support and Encourage anyone living with Alopecia and/or Hair Loss.
Alopecia Areata -is an autoimmune disease in which your immune system attacks your hair follicle and hair loss occurs usually involving the scalp, and at times every hair on your body.


All Coaching Workshop sessions are offered one on one
or in groups and can also be scheduled privately

Accepting and Beyond Workshop

This is about ACCEPTING you hair loss condition and moving forward to embrace your new self, your family and those around you.

Image and Accessory Workshop

Come and discover how to accessorize your new look. Learn how to accessorize and create a new YOU!

I am Beautiful Workshop

For Alopecia and non alopecia individuals. Learn to bring out the inner beauty within you. Build your self esteem and embrace your self.

Speaking Engagements

For Groups and Events. Learn more about Alopecia and Hair loss.


Image and Accessorizing Workshop

Another FREE Image and Accessorizing Workshop coming Dec. 1st, 2018 in partnership with Seattle Parks & Recreation. We are offering a day of beauty to rejuvenate a new you.

Register now at Image and Accessorizing
FREE Open to Everyone.

From Clients

Their own words . . .

  • Jamie is an Alopecia support advocate in Seattle and she has a heart of pure gold. Her care and concern for my daughter filled my heart. Jamie expressed to me that my strength as a mother has helped build Taylor's strength she has today

    ~ Amanda
  • I had the greatest opportunity to collaborate with Jamie Elmore and Adrina Gipson on a photo shoot, embracing Alopecia Areata. I chose to define my true natural beauty by shaving my head bald. This act was in reverence of embracing my condition of Alopecia Areata.

    ~ Chiquita
  • I am so glad to have met the wonderful Jamie Elmore, and I hope maybe someday I might follow in her footsteps in taking charge in finding and helping those with Alopecia. What I had only expected to be a little get-together ended up being an incredible life experience

    ~ Kathryn

Our Team

Our vision is to help others who are suffering from Alopecia and Hair Loss.


Jamie Elmore



Ava Underwood

Administrative Assistantr


Jessica Nees

In-House Make-up Artist


Adrina Gipson



Valerie Perine



Brandy Reed

In-House Anesthetician


Kathy Radix

In-House Stylist


Tracie Evans

Research and Development


From those who are suffering from hair loss and those around them


Brandy's Story

After a great tragedy occured in her life, Brandy was diagnosed with stress-induced Alopecia. She has been dealing with the consequences of hair loss the past seven years. It has been a great struggle to come to terms with her condition. She shares her story very transparently, identifying with those who are in the same journey.

Kathryn's Workshop Experience

Kathryn Zirkle

The salon was adorable and the event was set up with great care and effort, and looked outstanding. I again brought my lovely grandmother with me who still gushes about how wonderful the event was. Many of the women there were professionals, and probably what was greatest of all about that was the fact that they were all willing to add their expertise to the workshop out of their own kindness. Everyone there, whether or not they were directly affected by hair loss, was connected in a deep way which I can only describe as pure compassion. It was a feeling in the space that only grew stronger as more people arrived and introduced themselves. As a person who has struggled her entire life to navigate living with Alopecia Areata, I found something I needed here, and it was support and understanding.

Sherman's Girlfriend Has Alopecia


Sherman does not and did not have Alopecia. His perspective is from someone who received the news that the woman he was seeing has Alopecia, and was in fact wearing a wig the whole time he has known her. His response and encouragement helped her gain confidence and accept her condition.

Adrina's Journey

Adrina Gipson

For years and years, Adrina lived in denial of her condition. She was determined to cover her baldness and did not have the courage to admit what was going on. With time and support from people including Jamie, she learned to accept her circumstance and became free of her wigs. She seeks to educate others about Alopecia.

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